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Thought i would share so as to calm nerves when removing factory rail. I found my 3mm allen wrench and decided to go after the two screws. Wrench felt good in the hole so i pulled hard enough to feel movement but no break free, hole started to round. I soaked the screws front and back with PB blaster and went Lowes, best i could do late Saturday, and got their 3/8 drive set 3mm smallest in the set, 20 bucks.
I used my electric heat gun and got things warmed good. The front screw came out so easy i thought PB worked its magic quick. The back one still wouldn't move and i felt more rounding so i stopped. I read on here and when i made my living as a mechanic i learned to get a BFH and smack bolts to loosen them.
I grabbed a good flat punch that would cover the screw head good and gave her a lick. Put the allen socket on and i think i could of loosened it with my fingers.
Long story but if I was to do another i believe i would smack down on the screws first.
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