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Gun Wood Airsoft gun Air gun Trigger

Whats on it/in it

Geiselle Super Scar Trigger (By far the best and only upgrade needed :smile::smile::smile:)
Magpul Extended Safety (its a safety :neutral:)
Vltor Stock (More solid than OEM and a little heavier :neutral:)
Midwest Industries extended rail (Good Kit and it compliments my shooting style :smile:)
GG and G accumcam mount (Not a bad mount by any means but if i could do it over i would of went with something that i could of mounted on the ejection port side:sad:)
IWC charging handle (Needed to clear scope mount:|)
Leupold VX-R Patrol ( Really impressed with it so far. It replaced an Aimpoint Comp M4:smile::smile:)
IWC WML with Haley Strategic Offset Mount (Light is plenty bright for CQB and its light weight. It replaced a Surefire Fury with Gear Sector Mount and tape switch:smile:)
Magpul MS3 Sling (Nice sling. Run them on all my carbines:smile:)

** Next project is to Duracoat it **
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