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Good news - apparently my barrel and slide and frame have all been fitted, and the frame has been checkered.

So, I should have my Fullrail Springfield Customshop 9mm, hard chromed Operator soon! :shock:

I contacted George at Gunslingers yesterday - I wanted to make 1 change. I wanted to have the slide stop beveled, like it is on the Pro models. The pic of the hard chromed TRP Operator I found months back that was the inspiration for me doing this - it had this done to it.

And everytime I look at the photos of the gun to imagine what mine will look like - I see this. And, I regretted not paying the extra $75 for this.

He finally made contact with the Custom Shop and they added this. That's when he found out what had been done.

It seems that there is no fee to make the change too - so that's kewl.
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