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my disappointing ss aimpoint search and website stress

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I ordered an Aimpoint CompC SM from http://www.swfa.com/pc-7737-847-aimpoint-compc-sm-30mm-red-dot-sight.aspx . Unfortunately for me I receive an email saying that this sight is on backorder. This is all well and good except this item was just discontinued by Aimpoint 4 months ago and no one is getting anymore. To make matters worse I check my financial institution with which my credit card is through to find that they already charged me. I shoot off an email to tell them maybe it would be helpful to remove items from the website that are no longer available and to also refund my money for an item they don't have yet charged me before they were shipping it.
I order so much stuff online this isn't the first time it has happened but I hope it will be the last. I just wish a large reputable dealer like Midway had one left in stock. At least their site tells you when an item is in stock and if you can backorder it instead of the ole hope and pray they have this item since it's on their website you would think it is.
I really want this sight for my S&W .500 Performance Center which has an integral Weaver rail and I think it would be about the right size for it. I've been looking for the right optic for sometime now but I guess I found the one I wanted a few months late. Who wants to sell me theirs???
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Been here! I feel for ya! :x
swfa also runs...


IN "MY" EXPERIENCE, everyone at SWFA is awesome. I have bought quite a few things and never had a complaint. If something is out of their hands, it would be out of anyones hands.
Well you might be right. They were very quick to respond to my email. Not only did they remove the charge from my card, if you notice the link i posted no longer works. This being, I assume, because they removed it. Good for them, that's how business should be done... minus the first part.
Texas Armadillo said:

I appreciate you trying to help TA. I had emailed all but one of those and then about 4 or 5 others that aren't listed. Only 3 even got back to my email inquires but one that did was binoculars.com saying that they had one in stock. I ordered it and should have it next week. I'll post some pics of it mounted on my 500 soon.
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