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My dog chewed my FNX 45 TAC

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Well after a brief lapse in judgment I left my pistol on my bed to run to the store to get a cold beverage. I had been dry firing for a little while when I became thirsty my house is directly across the street from a jiffy store and my room mate was home so I just decided to leave my pistol on my bed unloaded while I got a drink. I told my roommate what I was doing and also mentioned I left my pistol out of the safe and once I came back I noticed one of my dogs had decided to get on my bed and chew the grip on my fairly new pistol. I was obviously furious but mostly at myself as a 5 minute mistake could be so expensive. The grip was a little twisted and a magazine would not go in with less than forcibly and wouldn't drop free. There were several holes to the bottom of the grip and the replaceable blackstrap was completely gone so I assume he/her chewed and ate it. Luckily the animal only chewed the lower part of the grip so I decided to try something since the frame is already practically ruined. I basically did a grip chop to the highest point that wasn't damaged and then I did a stipple job to cover and random marks and tried to blend it all together. I am by no means a professional just a hobbiest. I then decided to modify a magazine to sit fairly flush which was much more complicated than the polymer frame. I basically put 2 screws in the bottom of the magazine to catch the spring since I removed some material from it and the base plate didn't attach as firmly as it did originally and I gotta say if you've ever had to drill into one of the mags (I hope and doubt you never have to) they are definitely tough lol anyways I don't recommend doing this however I was just trying to make better out of a bad situation. I've only ran 100 rounds through it but still no malfunctions and I need to clean the mag well up a bit more and the modded mag holds 10 rounds.

This wasn't something I planned so don't bash me too hard
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Sucks that you had to do that, but the salvage job looks pretty decent.
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