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First post here, just had to share my setup after all the effort it took to put it together:

Base rifle was a FNAR with the 20 inch barrel, list of parts:

Infitech AR Stock adapter
Infitech Freefloated Handguard
Infitech Extended Charging Handle
Magpul CTR Stock
Magpul AR-15 MOE K Grip
Magpul M-Lok Vertical Grip
Kahntrol Clamp-On Muzzle Brake KSMB745
Sig Sauer Romeo 8H Red Dot
Sig Sauer Juliet 4 Magnifier

I was able to run a short IPSC match, not very practical, but still, extremely fun to shoot, still have to fine tune the gas settings, only factory ammo I have access to currently seems to be a bit too hot and it's prematurely locking the bolt to the read, also, the stock is starting to come loose, didn't have access to the proper tools when I first put this together and to be honest, that castle nut wrench I ordered with all the parts was not very good, have a Midwest Industries one already on the way, that and a torque wrench should probably get the job done.
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