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After taking the pictures of my FNP9 yesterday I took it apart and gave it a good inspection. When I had first bought it I remarked here that it had the worst trigger of any gun I had ever owned. And to be honest... it did. But I have been so busy since I bought my last couple of toys I haven't had anytime to enjoy them. Yesterday I had some time.

So my inspection yesterday was to see if I could find what was wrong with the trigger and why did it feel weird racking the slide. I found two things.

The first thing was big burr on the back of the barrel that had been folded down against the back of the barrel making it hard to see. It was attached to the top back (block?) part of the barrel that moves up into the slide ejection port when the gun is in battery. This upward movement into the ejection port was probably what folded it down. This made barrel fit tight into the slide putting things in a bit of a bind. The burr was about 1/8" x 16" flap (yes, that big) of very thin metal that looked like it was left over from machining. I de-burred it and now the slide operates the way it should.

The trigger still had the mushy feel but didn’t seem as hard to pull anymore. I didn’t see anything else wrong so I blew it out with some plastic safe Gunscrubber and gave it a generous amount of lube and oil. I put it back together and gave it a good workout of dry firing and slide slams and now it works great. The trigger is not like my CZ of the SIGs but I expect it to get better with age.

I’m happy with it now, it will be along on my next range trip. I need some night sights! :grin:
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