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My scar 16s got a new aac supressor. My review and pics.

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Hello SCAR friends,

Well today I had an opportunity to fire my SCAR 16S with my new suppressor from Advanced Armament Corporation at the range today and I had a great time with it. The suppressor I bought is the 556-SD which is a fast attach suppressor for 5.56mm. The design is based on an earlier version of the best selling M4-2000. It's a little over six inches and lightweight. The suppressor uses the 51 Teeth Ratchet Mount for fast-attachment that enables users to install or remove the silencer in seconds. The baffle core is made up 100% Inconel 718 and has full circumferential fusion welding. It also has a very good warranty from AAC. I had purchased it on Gunbroker.com back in early September from an outfit in Georgia. After the standard wait with the BATF I had a chance to put some rounds through it. My first impression was a bit surprising due to the back pressure of air that came back at me. Not really a profound amount of air. It's not like getting that that eye "puff" test at the optometrist. But with my eyeglasses on it wasn't really a factor. The second thing was the sound suppression from my stand point, as the shooter it seemed to have a slight muffled crack noise when I fired the rifle. But when I had one of my friends (Co-Trustee on our Gun Trust) fire the weapon it was amazingly quiet. I guess I was standing off from about 10 feet when he made the suppressed rifle shot. It was very impressive to say the least. The next thing I took notice of was the carbon build up on the muzzle brake and on the weapon itself. The SCAR is outstanding rifle when it comes to small amounts of carbon build up after many, many rounds have been through it. Largely in part of it's gas piston operating system. But brother, I'll say this, my SCAR was dirty as hell when I got it home to clean. I guess that is the trade off when firing suppressed. Also something to take note of is the freaking heat generated by shooting rounds out of this "can". The suppressor can get real hot and I mean real hot, real fast. So consideration and common sense must be taken when setting your SCAR down onto something that don't like extreme temperatures. After the day of shooting I had to wait a good ten minutes before I could handle the suppressor without burning my hand. Actually after it cooled down a bit I took it off and it made a nice hand warmer as it was chilly today. The other thing is the "cool factor", I had lots of folks asking me lots of questions and taking pics of it and shooting video with their cell phones as I was firing. The price for the AAC muzzle brake was about $85.00 and the 556-SD was $550.00 including shipping and the Tax stamp from the BATF is $200.00. So altogether not a bad investment for under $850.00. I would really like to get a comparison between the Surefire and my AAC. I looked into purchasing one but the price was just outside my reach. The Surefires are quite expensive and rightly so. They are a damn fine product. So the next big thing for my SCAR 16S is to hack the barrel. Why you say? I will say this, adding another six inches onto a already sixteen inch barrel made for a long rifle. So in the up coming weeks or so I will send my Barrel off to Hi-Desert Tactical in Nevada and have them cut, thread, and pin my barrel down to 11.5 inches or maybe 10.5 inches. Of course this will include another $200.00 Tax stamp to Uncle Sam for the now SBR SCAR 16S. Overall, I am happy, very happy with AAC 556-SD. I took some pictures of my SCAR with suppressor attached and then a side by side shot of what my SCAR will look like when I make it into a SBR soon. Time and money is what makes this work. So if you got the money and your willing to wait then I say, "go for it!" I hope this little write up helps anyone who is considering getting a suppressor for their SCAR.

P.S. And yes I am getting a Suppressor for my other SCAR, my 17S.


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********UPDATE********* DEC 12, 2014

I just purchased a Yankee Hill Machine 5.56 QD Phantom Suppressor today off GB.com. I couldn't help myself. The price was too low to pass up. The MSRP from YHM is $626.00 I got it new in box for $460.00
Dude, don't look at this link.
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