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My very first 45 pistol -- FN FNX 45 Tactical FDE !!

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So fun, I am so happy about this. This is my 4th FN, but my very first 45. Love it!
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#1, Accessory will be pistol food. Feed it often and feed it well.

#2, A Trijicon RMR, sure there are cheaper options. The FNX-45t is a top shelf pistol therefore only top shelf accessories will do.

#3, A Surefire or Streamlight weapon light. Again, there are cheaper options but why?

#4, A suppressor if locally allowed and you're so inclined.
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For ammo, Federal HST and/or Speer Gold Dot are my choices. The reason I choose and use only these two is Federal's American Eagle and Speer's Lawman line which both offer ballistically equivalent practice/range ammo to their top tier SD/HD ammo.

IMHO, only a fool practices or trains with ammo that is not ballistically equivalent to their "combat" ammo.
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Agreed, although I'm not qualified to comment on combat. I recently upped the powder charge of my 45 target loads to be in line with service ammo. It's just a game and not a sport if we're just pretending, right? : ) The hotter load sure changed my POI @ 50 yards BTW, which is relevant to this point.

Run at the range as close to what you would bring to a fight is what I believe the man is saying.
Exactly! Mil/LE and SD/HD high performance hollow point ammo tends to change POA/POI and felt/actual recoil and muzzle flip. If you train and practice with ammo that is not ballistically equivalent to your "combat" ammo there's a higher than average chance you're going to die in a real life combat scenario.

For clarification, if there's a firearm or any weapon in your hands and you're using it to defend yourself or others you are engaged in combat. There is no other definition.

Yes, train precisely how you intend to fight.
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