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Here’s my review on the PS90 vest I ordered from The Vest Guy (Robert).

Working with Robert about the specifics of the vest was a breeze. He answered all my questions, listened to my suggestions and came up with the vest I wanted.

The vest itself is finely made to my specifications and fits me like a glove. The construction is solid with double stitching and a heavy main zipper for the front of the vest. The material used is a heavy material (about as heavy as what’s used for the molle vest I ordered elsewhere for an AR rig) and I can see it taking lots of abuse for years to come.

I had to have the mag pouches on my vest tilted because of my chest (38D) – four mags going straight up and down would have killed the ‘girls’, especially when I go prone. The inner mag pouches open on the top and the outer pouches open on the bottom so I’m not trying to pull out a mag in my armpit. Since the mag pouches are tilted, the cargo pockets on the sides are a bit smaller than on a regular vest – good for small items or one box of ammo per pouch. Got the radio pouch and the utility pouch with drain grommets. The utility pouch is good for holding little items – Gerber, pen, smallish note pad, keys, lighter, a pair of sunglasses, whatever. Got a drag handle and D-rings on the shoulders – the D-rings are plastic, would have preferred metal, but no biggie. I had molle webbing put on the back so I could add a HydraStorm or whatever. Got the map pouches on the inside. Got the belt keepers (4) – they use a tab like on some old belts where you loop the strap through a couple times to fasten it. Would have much preferred fastex connectors (didn’t know they were going to come this way.) for ease of use and speed when attaching to a web belt. At the last minute I asked for some Velcro on the front of the vest so I could add a patch and Robert was able to add it before he shipped it.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the vest and Robert. I’d definitely order more items from him in the future if he has something I want. Like the PS90 thigh mag holder which I also bought. It too is well made and top-notch. It uses a looping system to fasten the straps. Again I would have much preferred fastex closures for ease of use and speed for putting it on.

Haven’t put the vest to use yet, I got it in preparation of a couple carbine classes I plan on taking later this year with a couple friends. Next time I go out to the desert to shoot I’m going to bring the vest so I can get a feel for it while moving around for an extended period of time. I’ll try and remember to bring a camera for some ‘action’ shots.

The molle back with my BlackHawk HydraStorm

Next two pics are of the belt keepers

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