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N82 IWB professional holster

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I received my holster in less than 3 days. It looks amazing and feels amazing. Carried it for a good 5 hrs today and it was good. I think its more comfortable than my AG. Fit is good and I like how you have to rotate the handle in to let it slide out almost like a retention lock.

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I have one for my S&W MP Shield 9mm. Its my first IWB holster and feels really good. Easy to put on and off with only one clip over the belt, no parts of the gun touch the body and screw adjustable for cant. I like carrying mine at the 3oclock position. I like the retention method and with some practice to muscle memory its super fast to deploy.
I am left with no desire to try any others.

Its no problem to sit with mine but I think its also cause the shield is a fairly small pistol.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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