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NDs are not just for guns

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One of the most common Negligent Discharges in tactical units is not from weapons. It is from flashlights and lasers. Such an ND can not only give away your position, but also temporarily blind you or your partner.

Remote switches are often the culprit. Be careful where you place them. If you place it under the grip of your supporting hand, it may go on during stress conditions when your hands will naturally tighten up. If you have been following my thread on support hand thumb positions, think about putting it on the side, under the charging handle and use your thumb. I don’t use pressure pads, so if someone else wants to try it, let us know.

Also keep in mind that most flashlights are mounted on the side of the PS90. If the light is mounted on the left side, and you try to clear around a left handed corner in a house, your rifle will clear the corner before the light does. So, if you turn on the light, it will actually illuminate the wall at the corner, bouncing light back towards your face. Not only may this blind you, but your face will be illuminated for the bad guy to see.
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