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I like the sounds of the either one of the holsters you recommend, but when going to his site, under the FNS, don't see either the 40 or 9mm COMPACTS listed, just FNS models. Will these work for the newer compacts? Thanks again.
I just finished evaluating 3 AIWB holsters, a Bravo Concealment Acer DG2 with combat suede, Appalachian Concealment Katana and Gladius.

Until my very recent switch to the FNS-9, I've been carrying exclusively AIWB for the past two years a Glock 17 in a Phlster Access holster and single mag pouch (I re-purposed the mag pouch for the FNS-9 magazine). Regrettably, Phlster only makes holsters for Glocks and M&P's.

Now on to these 3 holsters.

My favorite by far is the Appalachian Concealment Katana. Well crafted, fast turn around time (under 2 weeks), and incorporates a very clever molded in wedge that helps keep the grip tight to the body. Ride height and belt loop width are adjustable. I ordered a zero cant but you can order one with a cant. Other colors are also available. The one man shop owner, Matt, is a super guy to work with too.

The Gladius is more than just a Katana with a belt clip arrangement. It has a redesigned outer face to handle the belt clip. This gets second place because my personal preference is a belt loop, but if you prefer a belt clip then this is for you.

I do not like the BC Acer DG2. Perhaps as an IWB it's OK, but I tried fitting it using all sorts of configurations (single attachment in the front, single in the rear, both, etc) and the end result was always the same: the gun rode too high and just didn't conceal as well.

Hope this helps.

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