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I've been shooting a full-size fns 40 for some time now, but decided I wanted a more concealable carry pistol. So on Friday I came home with a brand-new 40c and got it to the range for the first time this morning.

I love this pistol!

My first mag with WWB was kind of all over the place. But then I settled down and was shooting fast and consistent 2-3 inch groups at 30 feet. I didn't shoot it side by side with the full-size but my impression was that there was actually less felt-recoil with the compact. (Not sure why.) I found the ergonomics, even with the shorter grip, to be excellent.

The slide took some effort to rack, but I think that will loosen up once I get a couple hundreds through it. (My wife, who shoots the full-size well, was unable to rack it at all and went back to her .38.)

My only criticisms involve the slide stop and the mag release. I understand the design thoughts behind their size, but they do take a little getting used to.

Anyway, what a pistol!!! If anyone is on the fence, go for it!!!
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