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I have been waiting to mount my Eotech and some other stuff that if i mounted it I would not be able to but it back in the box.Since my gun cabinet and my safe are full.
So i have been case hunting....Look at this i got this one 32" Assault Rifle Cases
$25.00 :shock:


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Are there any soft cases out there where the mags fit in the pockets without modification?

I guess I could buy one with a large pocket up front, but it appears that more mags could fit if there were pockets instead.
Cool. I'll take a look at them.

Yeah, I saw the one on CMMG's website--nice looking case. $80? Well, I did pay $90 for my Blackhawk case for my M4 back in the day... :?
abpt1 said:
nope the mags dont fit about three or four inches short The wife said she can extend them no problem i never thought a ps90 mag was longer than a 30rd ar clip
...extend them by adding more material to the flap? I thought about trying that. If you work this, please post pics.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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