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New member here and finally had a chance on Monday to pick up the Five Seven USG I recently purchased from a local seller. I've been primarily into Sig's, but, have had the itch for a Five-Seven for quite a while.

It was listed as having only 11 rounds through it and certainly looks the part. Being in Connecticut, I couldn't take the 20 round mags that came with it, but, was able to pick up five 10 round mags (three lightly used, two NIB) off of Gunbroker.

With the exception of the mags, it came with all of the usual stuff, case, paperwork, etc. along with 100 rounds of SS195 and 89 rounds of SS197. I'd like to think I did allright on the purchase. Including the five mags, I'm into it for a total of $800.

So far, I think I'm really going to enjoy it. It fits great in my hand and I'm really liking the location of the safety. Feels quite intuitive to flip it on and off with my trigger finger.

Attached a couple of quick pics that I took tonight.


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