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New FN(AR)?

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Today (8/16) I received a FNH USA Branding Survey asking for my opinion on the name for a new "optimized sporting rifle." The short summary of their new rifle mentions a modular AR like platform with a quality barrel. Regrettably I didn't think to copy the text and now I can't get back to the survey. Anyway, the names offered included "FN15", "FNAX", "FNMaSter", "FNOSR" and even "FN AR" (sic). Did anyone else receive this survey or know more about this new Optimized Sporting Rifle from FNH USA?
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Yep, I took the survey also. There is some chatter about it here.
FNAR Competition

Anyone familiar with the FNAR Competition pictured here? Note it has a forward sight base. Other than the nice blue receiver, laminated stock and front sight base, what is different about this and a standard 20" light?
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Ha and me thought I was the only one left that read Watership Down.
I want to know where to get a competition? Are they available? I have also seen similar versions in black with McMillian stocks.
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