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New FN Five-seveN owner.

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I have been a long time Glock owner and never considered switching until last year when I dropped 50lb of computer on my hand. It took months to recover and some bones never did heal. Even after months of work with a GripMaster Pro-Hands I found it was still almost impossible to keep a good grip on the double stack Glock 19 that had been my EDC gun for 5 years. Frustrated I started looking for a single stack alternative with a decent magazine capacity.

Eventually my choices boiled down to the Keltec KSR30 and the FN 5.7. The idea of using rim-fire ammo with it's inherent lack of reliability drove me to find a range with an FN 5.7 for rent. I fell in love while still on the first magazine after dropping 20 rounds into a 2" circle at 7 yrds. Of course paying for the gun was another matter. I had saved up half the money from teaching Florida CCW and my wife generously provided the other half as an anniversary gift.

I've found a good source for ammo and ordered 300 rnds of American Eagle from Palmetto State Armory for break-in. I used to carry Liberty Civil Defense in 9mm (no-lead) in my Glock and plan to try using 27gr SS195 JHP once the gun is broken in.

I plan to order tritium night sights and an OWB Kydex holster (currently using an old Glock holster that barely covers the trigger).
It will take a while to get used to drawing and clicking the safety before firing. Will probably take a lot of repetitions before the Glock Safe-action trigger gets out of my mind.

Suggestions and comments welcome.

Jim Sloey
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