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New FN Owner Question!

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New FN Owner : Updated info on Adapter Plates

Hey I just bought my first FN, I Ordered a new FDE FNX 45 (Non Tac) hopefully it comes in tomorrow and I'll post pics. I wanted the Tac because you can mount an RMR, but didn't really need the threaded barrel. So iv been reading the a forums on how I can mount an optic and from what iv read, I need to get the Adapter Plates that come with the
FNX 45 Tactical an have my slide milled to them.

I FINALLY got ahold of FN and ordered the Adapter Plates,Cover Plate, and 2 Screws for Cover Plate.
(Cover Plate to use on slide when an optic is Not mounted)
the Adapter Plates are still on Back order but they wouldn't say or don't know when they will have some. <As of 1/5/15>

Hope this info helps some people.

*** Adapter Plates : Part #F515661410 ---$36 +Shipping (For 2 Adapter Plates)
*** Cover Plate : Part #F515660202 ---$15.75 +Shipping
*** 2 Screws for Cover Plate : Part #F515664100 --- $4 + Shipping ($2/Each)

Is there Any Where or Way I can buy the Plates or have some made faster than waiting to get them from FN???

Thanks for any help!!!
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+1 but I also use SlipStream as well.
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