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New FNP-9 owner

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Well after mush fondling I finally picked up a FNP. I really like it so far. I will not be able to get to the range until the weekend but so far so good. I got it from CDNN. Its one of the contract over runs.

Anything I should be aware of before I head to the range? Already stripped it down and lubed it up. Do they prefer to run wet? Any problems dry firing with snap caps?

Who is making good leather for these things. Not a Kydex guy.

Thanks in advance.
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rellascout said:
The Roll marks is not Fredericksburg, VA it is Columbia, South Carolina. That is the only disappointment so far because I live in Fredericksburg.

From what I can tell everything else is the same. It is one of the contract over runs that are selling for $379.
It would be cool to have one of each, but you probably won't find a Fredericksburg, VA marked FNP for that great of a price. I payed around $479 + shipping + transfer fees + MD background check fees (one time gun tax). I don't know if $100 more is worth the Fredericksburg marking for you or not.

I dry fire mine all the time without snap caps, with the notch in the trigger group, and no problems yet. I have read that not all notched trigger housings have the problem, though. Perhaps mine is one that will not have the problem. I deliberately dry fire mine so that if it does crack, it will be soon so that I can send it off for replacement. I don't want to have to wait 5 or 10 years to do it. I don't shoot that much, so it may take that long to develop a crack. My only problem witht he crack is it seems you have to send the whole gun back. I would rather send the housing back only. It would be cheaper to ship and you wouldn't have to worry about theft from the shipping carrier.
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