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New FNS 40 owner

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New FNS 40 owner need some help/advice

Did a bunch of computer work for trade for this never fired (well until today) FNS40 . I thought I was doing him a big favor, put about $300 work and a lot of time into it. But, now I am thinking I may have made out like a bandit!

I love this gun.

Just a couple questions. There does not seem to be a safety.

The owners manual sticky post is for "manual safety lever and trigger safety models". I don't seem to have either one of those.

Is this usual? No safeties? Is there a separate users manual for this model? Since the other specified for those safeties? If so can anyone point me to it?

Second, when I pull the trigger, there seems to be a certain amount of pull that does not do anything, just seems like free movement.

Is this usual? Is there any after market trigger job/kit for the FNS40 that can clean that up, and maybe take a couple pounds off the pull? I did not see any at Wolffs where I got them for my S&W and Ruger revolvers.


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Thanks CanyonMan,

I don't shoot drunk and no kids around, so not worried about the safeties.

I am interested in what others have done with trigger pull.

I always like doing my own tinkering and such. I did the work myself with my revolvers.

I just don't see any obvious polishing points. As far as I can tell, there really isn't any friction points that are causing undue drag or such.

I can't seem to find any FNS40 schematics either... you know, exploded diagram of the components/parts.

Does anyone have any or can point me to them?

Should I start another thread for that?


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