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New fnx 45t

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First post, thanks for all the info, just put 500 rounds federal 230 federal value pack from Walmart and gun was flawless! Zero issues. Test fire date 11/13.
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LOL! No intension on carrying, just a plinker. A big plinker, but a plinker none the less!
It's so easy to shoot well with it. After a lot of begging I was able to get my wife to come to the range with me, she was going to shoot a handgun for the first time, I handed her my brand new 92fs compact, after several attempts to hit the target I told her to shoot the FN, so without knowing the difference she pulled off a couple rounds and claimed she preferred the berreta because it fit her hand better! She never even noticed the difference in recoil.
And it was based upon all that info that lead me to black!!
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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