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New FNX 9

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I couldn't resist any more and just bought a new FNX 9 in stainless from a dealer on GunBroker.

Does anyone know if the FNX will fit in a holster made for the FNP?
I also had a friend tell me that a holster made for one of the Sigs will also fit the FNX?

Any info?
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The FNX should fit in any holster for the FNP. For fitting it to the a SIG holster, possibly a SIG P250.
I know it will fit in the Blackhawk serpa made for a glock 21
pics are missing

without pictures, it didn't happen
And a range report too!
Picked it up today. Price from Red's Trading Post in Idaho via Gunbroker was $549 + $19 for shipping.

I also submitted the FNH $100 rebate application for Military/LEOs. I am retired from both.

Gun is fantastic. I made a mistake over the winter and traded my FNP-9 off to a friend and instantly regretted it. The FNX, especially with the changes, more than replaces it. I will try to fire it tomorrow as I want to start carrying it in an IWB as soon as possible.
17 round mag is really hard to compress so I orfered an Uplula magazine loader. My buddy is tired of loaning me his.
I used Slipstream to lube it tonight, changed to the less aggressive stipled flat backstrap and I am ready to shoot.

One thing about the Uplula though. I have one and it's great for the first 16 rounds, but there isn't enough room in the mag for the 17th. round and the shoe of the Maglula loader. So, that last round has to be inserted by hand, and it's not easy. The only fly in the ointment I have found so far with mine.

Keep us posted.

And congrats on the new FN.
I have the Uplula and have no problems loading 17 rounds. I started out loading 15 rounds, then 16 and finally 17. Yes, there is not any excess
space to load the 17th round. The bottom of the mag is slanted. I hold the Uplula and mag straight up/down. That way I can get max downward force
to get the 17th round.
I got the Uplula today. I bought it off of eBay and it was $26 plus $4 for shipping (USPS).
When I finally got all the Saturday Hineydoes done "(do you have time to do oine more thing?") I broke out a 100 round WWB of 9mm and started loading my three mags.

You have got to love the Uplula. I took a chunk out of my thumb the other night loading the first night and that's when I ordered the Uplula. My buddy that owns one is out of town so I broke down and bought my own. I also bought one so i can load my M4gery mags at the same time.
The Uplula is amazing. I dropped in the last two rounds of the first mag and then filled the other two mags and I really don't think it took any longer than two minutes and that included opening the box of ammo and opening the plastic the Uplula was shipped in.
So, tomorrow I am stuck doing the "over the river and throiugh the woods" thingee for Mother's Day but Monday I will be at the range blasting away.

Pictures and range report coming.

I also have to fire in my normal carry gun, a Kahr PM9. It is also new and unfired and I just added a Crimson Trace laser to it. I have never used a Laser before (other than to laugh hilariously as I let my wife's cat chase it into and impacting with a wall) so that will also be a new exoperience.

The warm wweather is gone for a while (north central Illinopis) so I may chicken out and shoot indoors.
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here is my FNX-9 and my Kahr PM9:

I received a Galco Summer Comfort holster today for the FNX and it fits great.
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How do you like the Kahr. I've considered getting one but not sure I'd like the DAO trigger. I'd like a pistol that size and caliber with a manual safety and SA trigger (or DA/SA)
The Kahr is outstanding if you need a hard hitting accurate pistoil that is totally concealable. I throw in the front pocket of pants and no one knows it is there.

I shoot every second week and normally will blow through 200-00 per session. I shoot the Kahr at 7, 10 and 15 yards in 3o round strings which is my State firearm qualification (for LEOs). I never fail to keep all 30 within the 10 ring and usually have up to 8-10 X rings.

I put the C-T on it because I really do not want to shoot somebody. I will, if necessary, I would just prefer not doing it.
The C-T is really intimidating. The red dot climbing up your body and brilliance of the light as it hits you in the face will unnerve anybody.
At up to 15 yards, the Kahr combined with the C-T is a deadly combination.
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