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New High Power

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Well, I did it... I've wanted a Hi Power for some time now. I'm not a 1911 fancier, but I do have one. But the Hi Power, P35, or any other name it might be known by. I started to buy a Springfield SA35, but I heard a few poor reports and even BH Spring Solutions had to do quite a bit of work to make one reliable. One of my friends had an FNX 45 he sold to me. That's a wonderful pistol.
Right in the middle of me lusting for a P35 and almost buying a Springfield, FN brought out the High Power. With the FN reputation and the fact that I have an FN15 and an FNX 45, I was interested. At $1400 + or - it was pretty steep. I sold off a couple of other pistols; an unfired Pietro Beretta factory nickel .380 and a Sig P220, I had it. I ordered an FDE High Power, today. It's from right here in Florida, so I may well have it in just a couple of days.
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Here we are with a few more pictures...
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I tried the green grips, not my favorite. I hope I'll get to the range next week...
I have a pair of black, checkered G10 grips enroute, hopefully by Thursday (3/9).
That's a nice combo !
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