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New member - Be careful :)

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Figured I’d get a gun and keep it put up. You know it might be good thing to have. Got the Shield 9mm. We’ll I should take it to the range and check it out, you know before I put it up. 800 rounds later… I should get a 22LR, you know just for plinking. In case I ever decide I want to go plinking. 1200 rounds later…that white pistol safe is nice! It’s got a hole cut out to mount lights! You know if I ever find myself with a few pistols. We’ll as of yesterday I have this FNX45T on my nightstand ready for the Apocalypse! How did this happen…LOL. Oh, I got the FDE just to make sure it’s accurate ;)
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Welcome to the Forum and congrats on your FNX45! Firearms are kinda like that. Ya get one then you want another then another...
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