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Gentelmen, i received an invite it come over here from the arfcom board and be part of the Fn positve comunity of users that enjoy these fine firearms. I have been a life long resident of Washington State, been shooting and collecting heaters before the days that Jimmy Carter was President of the USA.

As a primary intrest the evil black guns have always taken front seat, unless its a pre 64 Winchester 30/30 i might get little fickle. The latest additions to the collection are two PS90's and a FS2000 which tend to highlight collection as the real radicals of the bunch and i thank god we live in the "present time" in our country that allows the new breed of imports in and land on US soil. It will be heaven if we see the SCAR or the SIG soon...as the debit card is at the ready and starting gate. Elf :D
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