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new old guy here

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my first handgun a FNS9, very pleased with its function + accuracy, i later picked up a sig P238 380 wanting a smaller carry option. being new at this wondering if the FNX would suit me better.
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I would agree with the previous posters that the FNS 9C would be ( is...) my top choice for a EDC option. Striker fired, larger capacity mag option, light weight, 100% reliability, same as the FNS9 only more compact. The downside of the P238 is it's very limited mag capacity and 1911-ish operation and controls for an EDC gun. With only a six round mag in the P238 you better hope you (or your loved ones...) never come up against one (or most likely a group...) of gang bangers carrying Glock 17s with their 17 or 19 round mag capacity and optional gold chains.... The FNS 9C comes with two 12 round mags as well as the larger (i.e. FNS 9 ) 17 round mag. So you can carry the 9C on you and have the FNS9 and spare 17 round mags nearby if needed. I must live in a really crappy neighborhood to think this way.... LOL.


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