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New owner. Problem when shooting suppressed. Need HELP please!!!

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So I finally took my new PS90 to the range. I had never fired it and have only changed the barrel shroud with the Huntertown Arms shroud so I can use my suppressors while waiting for my SBR stamp. The shroud switch was a breeze, no problems and I'm pretty good with stuff like this so I'm confident in the switch over. At the range I had two mags loaded with SS197SR. Made it through 35ish rounds with no suppressor and all was well, shots were consistent at 50 yards and grouping well after zeroing my Z-Point. Decided to try out my Spectre II, have used it a lot on my various 22s and it's working great. The very first shot fired but after that nothing would, and a look at the chambered rounds showed no primer hits. Tore it apart at home and finally found that the one round that fired suppressed, the neck and shoulder of the brass had separated from the body of the brass (which had ejected).

Now I'm pretty familiar with shooting suppressed, had the suppressor screwed on right with a spacer needed for this shroud, so I'm confused. Any ideas why the neck and shoulder would separate? Thanks for any help.

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High pressure would do that.

Make sure your gun is clean, especially the chamber. Try a little bit of dry lube in the chamber, not a lot.
Got back from the range a little bit ago and am happy to report a healthy little carbine. Unsuppressed and with both my Spectre II and Octane 45 it ran flawlessly. I think the Octane actually sounds better and decreases the recoil, what little there is, better than the Spectre II does. Put two full 50 round mags through it, only 15 were unsuppressed, and it ran like a champ. Thanks for the advice. All I can figure is a bad round and unlucky coincidence. Here's a picture of it with the Huntertown Arms shroud and the Spectre II. Can't wait for my SBR stamp to get in.
Glad to hear that all is well.

Make sure you clean the ejector, and extractor, and that they move freely. Can cause issues, just like any other weapon.
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