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New PS90 Range Report

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A brief one...

Took my new baby to the range today. Beautiful 80 degrees and the range was empty!

The factory sight was way off (still is, I haven't adjusted it yet). Shooting a good 4 inches low at 25 yards.

I'm gonna look up the procedure and giver her a couple clicks later on tonight.

Fun to shoot (once I figured out where it was sighted). No issues at all other than the sights being off.

Now I am looking in every closet to see what I can sell so I can swing a 5-7....


BTW if anyone needs a sweet little auto knife, CHEAP see my add in the classifieds!
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The factory sight is zeroed for 50 yards - so it will shoot low at 25. Mine is only 2-3 off at 25 yards.

The round makes an arc. AR's zeroed at 50 shoot low at 25 as well.

But, 50 yards is one of the better zeroing points. It's not that far off at 25 or at 100. If U zero at 25, U will be way off at 100 yards.
If U try to bench it, and the windage is spot on (it's in the center, but just low), then your sight is fine.

As a rifle, it would be a mistake to adjust the sight for 25 yards.

Here are 50 and 100 yard ballistic tables...

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However, the tables may not be EXACT - I am 2-3 inches low at 25 yards. But, I posted them to give u an idea...
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