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New Rimfire Host

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Well Ive had my 1022 in the Promag Archangel Nomad stock for a while...my other 22s were getting more action because they were threaded....I came across this video and had to have the same barrel set up... Its the Tactical Solutions SBX barrel.

Shot it today after my coworkers and I modified it to fit correctly and man its a blast to shoot. I have a demo EOTech on it and it gets the job done. gonna get a plain stubby VFG at somepoint....those rail accessories are just junk I had laying around that needed to be put to use. Now all I need is a tacticool led light.

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It's a 22 clone(ish) of the G36c Kam, so purely for looks. The raised rail doesn't hurt accuracy, just screws with your dope/compensation.
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