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New sights for FNP-9

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Has anyone here added new sights (truglo, etc.) to your FNP-9? I'm thinking about spending the cash to upgrade....

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1. I saw on the Ameriglo site that they have a set of sights in green for the rear and yellow for the front. They are out of stck right now.
2. Able Ammo is a good place to buy. They are quick and accurate. I purchased a Benelli Shotty for my son in law there and was very happy with the entire procedure.
3. Great advice about having a smith put the sights on. It will save you a lot in the long run,
I just ordered my Ameriglo sights from Able ammo. It will run me $82.09 delivered to me. Then, another $25 to get them installed.
I wanted the green rear and yellow front but had to settle for green all around. Such is life.
You got it. I am expecting them in by Friday and then I will take them to da smitty and will have them back by Wed. Shooting on Sat and then the report
My night sights were installed for just under $22.00. Anyone in Minnesota looking to have it done right, I had them done at Ahlman's in Morristown, MN.
They also ddi a bang up trigger job and wheel chamfering on my S&W M10-3.
Prices are right and the work is A++

Here is their website: http://www.ahlmans.com/
This is very strange. :evil:
I saw some writing on the sides of my "Ameriglo" sights and it said "TRIJICON" on them. I will call the Gun smith tomorrow and find out what is up.

This is very strange
I wish I could tell you how good the Ameriglo sights were. I bought a pair last month direct from the company and took them to be installed at Ahlman's here in Minnie So Cold. When I went to pick them up the FN9 had Trijicons on it. I kept my mouth shut and brought it home. ?????????
You probably are right about that. It was just nice to think I got a 'win' for not doing anything. I should have known better.
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