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Howdy board members. I have been checking out some of your builds and they are gorgeous. Looking forward to tweaking this bird up a bit.

Bolt Handle - which do you prefer?

Light mount - looks like everyone is using the Tri-rail? Are there other options? I understand the size on the mag tube is a bit larger than the 1" standard

Heat shield...? Don't really have a idea here?

What else are you folks doing to your SLPs?

Any specific lubricant recommendations for this gun? Are folks running dry films?


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Nordic - really like it. Nice size and nearly impossible to lose your grip on it even with gloves.
CLP & traditional gun oil.
Tri-Rail – Surefire light with remote velcro pressure pad.
Cheap extra ammo sleeve over the stock.
Sits bedside every night.

Post up photos as you go!

There's a thread on here where someone modified a heat shield for an 870. I don't use one - I don't run it very hot, and I wear gloves. Plus, I figure if a bad guy tries to take it from me, maybe it'll burn him :p
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