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New Source for Magazines

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Tom at Top Gun Supply has some nice prices on the FN9---40---and 5.7 magazines. I just bought seven mags for my FNP9 from him along with a couple of the maglula's.

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Yes, he told me he was going to start carrying them. I hadn't seen him post an advertisement about it yet, though, so I wasn't aware that he had started.
Top gun supply is an excellent dealer. Do not hesitate to buy from them. I've spent hundreds of dollars with them and will continue to do so.
I ordered a set of night sites for my FNP from Top Gun Supply, right after their availability was posted on this forum.

I received my shipping notification email less than an hour after submitting the order on the Top Gun site! The order arrived 3 days later with a hand written thank you and a sample tube of Mil-Comm lube stapled to the packing slip. I couldn't be happier.

I do a LOT of shopping on line, ordering computer or camera stuff several times a month... Top Gun has got to be the most responsive e-tailer I've ever had the pleasure of doing business with.
FN mag

Just ordered an extra mag from Topgun. Great company. I checked all over the place for mags to fit my FNP 40 to no avail.

Love Topgunsupply 8)
cool find.

wonder if Meggar will ever make FN mags?
anybody found mags for the .45 yet?
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