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Congrats Troubles!!! Enjoy the peace and quiet!

So I just got my stamp today. Thinking I am going to really enjoy this can for a number of reasons. This thing seems to be built like a tank, and attaches to any standard a2 flash hidder. It is also a qd, full auto rated for 2 mag dumps and is inconel. Want to thank Jeremy from silencershop.com for the advice and with the purchase. Funny thing is-- and this is a question for Jeremy or the forum - if they would know, but it seems like it would fit over the standard fs2000 flash hidder. Jeremey if you have any knowledge or can find out that would be stellar and above and beyond the call.

See we below for some pics of the can, fs2000 standard FH, and a pic of it attached. There is also a picture of the tab open for those not familiar with this can. This thing attached is rock solid.

View attachment 35634 View attachment 35635 View attachment 35636 View attachment 35637

My my hope is to be able to use this with my ar15, tavor, and fs200 with out having to change the flash hidder. I also uploaded a link to show the ease of installing it and removing it from the host.

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