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New to FN and have a few questions about the FNP 9's

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Hey guys I have a G19 which I love but recently Ive been having a real hankering for a SA/DA firearm. Ive noticed that CDNN has some pretty good prices on military contract overrun FNP 9's. They have the compact and the 4in versions. I was wondering if anyone has either of these and could shed some insight on them... pros and cons, and they compare to a g19. Like is the width on the compact wider then that of a g19 and so on and so forth.
Thanks for the help
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Hey Joe welcom to the sickness!!!!
I have the FNP-9 and love it. I am not a big Glock fan but not a basher either. I like the fn bc it is light weight, easy to carry/Conseal and accurate...the biggest problem you will encounter is the DA pull for the first round it is a bit heavy but predictable. after that SA is sweet. My 9 has more muzzel flip than my 45 but it is easy enough for double taps. The list of guns I have/had include Kimber, XDs, HK, Sig, Beretta, Colt , Glock and Ruger and my FNs are my favorite to date.

Well my .02 hope it helps
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