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New to FN and have a few questions about the FNP 9's

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Hey guys I have a G19 which I love but recently Ive been having a real hankering for a SA/DA firearm. Ive noticed that CDNN has some pretty good prices on military contract overrun FNP 9's. They have the compact and the 4in versions. I was wondering if anyone has either of these and could shed some insight on them... pros and cons, and they compare to a g19. Like is the width on the compact wider then that of a g19 and so on and so forth.
Thanks for the help
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xeojx said:
they are new, just overstock on military contract.
thanks for the info guys. Sounds like im going to get one.
now i just need to decide which one to get.
so am I wrong to think that the compact is slimmer then the G19?
that would be a + for ccw
HOW MUCH!! :roll:
ShipWreck said:
Someone here bought a DAO and then regretted it. But the DA/SA. True DAO sucks (its not like Glocks and XDs - but is LONG and heavy)
You got that right, just check one at my local store a couple of hours ago, DAO SUCKS BIG TIME. Now DA/SA SWEET :grin:
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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