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New to forum and FN help!?

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Hello guys,

I am new to this forum and will start using it everyday you guys seem like a great community. I have been shooting my whole life mostly 1911's (sorry guys) just picked up a couple Wilson's and i am in love. I want to branch off and get into some High quality rifles. I have a couple but nothing note worthy. I am thinking about getting the FN apr a5m and also a FN scar 16cqc (if i get a class III licenses) I want to hear your guys options on these two guns and what you would recommend for upgrades and or just a different gun in general.

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum spot,
Thank you for your time and help,
Psalm 16:8
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Thanks guys! warm welcome makes me feel at home, for the bolt action i am thinking around 600-900 yards and for the Scar inside 100 just something fun to have on the weekends
Will do! i have been reading up on the XP and it sounds amazing still trying to decide if it is worth the extra $$, a threaded barrel would be nice though. Do any of you guys have the scar Cqc. I have been wanting a sbr for a while now and i think scar would be the best fit.
Thats beautiful!! did you fill out Form 1 or get a tax stamp for that i just hear thats a long process but i really want the 10" it does seem amazing. Hard to find unless you just but everything separate and build.
BigBuckeyeGuy off topic but Go bucks C-Bus checking in!
OK i think i can wait a month... hopefully, do i just go to atfs website and fill out the Form 1 or how do i go about getting one, never bought a suppressor or sbr
Guys I'm afraid to go down there and join.... I don't think my Black card is ready for this... its not conditioned enough
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Mini fire extinguisher on hand. I have a good friend in mmd who loves this stuff and knows his way around forms. That is a very good point. Thank you for that!
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