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Those are my "Open Range" guns for that HUGE :-D 8 acre ranch we bought near San Antonio. The rifle is a "Texas Brush Popper" how could I resist? I never had the urge to pop a brush, but if I ever do, I will be prepared!

Truthfully though... I like keeping the ammo selection as small as possible and I already have a couple of 38spl pistols, and these will shoot 357 or 38. That's the practical side of it... the other part is that I've just always wanted a matching pistol/carbine combo and I don't have another lever gun. I think these will be fun for taking something a little different to range once in a while.

I think I'll get a good leather holster that ties around my thigh... I'll swager around town saying "Howdy Pilgrim" in my best John Wayne impression.
You have to watch out for them bushes, they sneak up on ya.

Nice shootin' arms.
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