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Been shooting for a number of years...mostly Colt 45s, then switched to Glock 23. Sold the old Glock 23 about 2 weeks ago and picked up a new FNP-40 w/stainless slide. I REALLY like the functionality of this gun. My wife (who works for Dept. of Justice) and I went to the range last Saturday and rattled off about 150 rounds between the two of us.
This gun shoots more like a Sig and I had trouble with getting the proper sight picture at first. It doesn't seem as accurate as my old Glock 23, but it is hardly broken in yet either. It ate everything we put in it without even the slightest hiccup. Shots grouped well, just kinda low for me. My wife did very well with it with tight bulls-eye groupings and loving every minute of it. Compared to the old 9mm Beretta FS92 she has to use at work, I certainly can understand why.
I think with a few more rounds of practice, the gun will settle down for me too. Now, I want that big old FNP-45 as well!!! I think I'm addicted.... :lol:
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