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Im selling a brand new Daniel Defense MK18 Upper with BCG and Charing Handle. Im asking $900, they go for $1150 and are usually sold out or hard to find. I bought it with the intentions of building a SBR but moved to a none NFA state and I really dont want to build a pistol AR.

I built this from the ground up using mainly BCM parts bought from either Rainer Arms in WA or Surplus Arms and Ammo in WA.
I've shot 75 rounds through it.
My asking price is $1100.00 shipped to FFL
The following is a list of parts on the rifle

BCM Hammer Forged 14.5 inch Barrel
BCM Gunfighter Muzzle Comp Mod 1 (Perm welded to make the 14.5 barrel a legal 16 and was done by Rainer Arms and I have paperwork to show)
SAA Reaper Lower receiver
SAA Upper Receiver
BCM Bolt Carrier Group Auto
Daniel Defense RIS II Rail system (FDE)
SOPMOD Gen 1 Buttstock (Black) Also have a FDE B5 SOPMOD Buttstock available
MAGPUL MOE Buttstock (Black)
BCM Mod4 Charging Handle
MAPGUL MOE Pistol Grip (Black)
MAGPUL MOE Trigger Guard (Black)
MAGPUL BUIS (FDE) I do have KAC SOPMOD sights if interested
KAC Front Grip (Black)
KAC Black Rails (mix of different sizes/Black)
Some extra stuff like the Coyote Tan Soft Gun Case, Some Pmag's and M16 Mags.

(Does not include the EOTech 553)


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