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FNH USA Committed To
Cutting-Edge Technology, Dealers’ Success

Rick DeMilt, FNH USA senior VP of sales and marketing, says the company
is in the forefront of innovative products like the SCAR battle rifle.

FNH USA may be a relatively new company in the United States, but its roots run deep as part of the 119-year-old Fabrique Nationale (FN) of Herstal, Belgium. Mention “FN” to anyone who knows firearms and they are sure to recognize the mark since it is stamped on weapons used by military forces from more than 100 nations.

Throughout its history, FN-Herstal, who also owns Browning and Winchester Repeating Arms, has established a policy of developing cutting-edge firearms technology. That commitment is driving the demand for FN firearms in the United States, according to Rick DeMilt, senior vice president of sales and marketing for FNH USA.

“FN is one of the few companies investing in brand-new technology,” DeMilt told SI. “We’re not rewrapping something, not having something made by somebody else and putting our name on it. Dealers are no fools. They see who is out there in the forefront investing millions of dollars in technology and bringing new, innovative products to the market.”

DeMilt cited the huge wave of interest generated by the introduction of FNH USA’s PS90 carbine, chambered in the new 5.7x28mm cartridge; the FS2000 compact carbine in 5.56mm; the SCAR multi-role rifles; the P-9 pistol series; Patrol Bolt Rifles; P-45 pistol; and numerous other firearms.

“Dealers can easily see where the research and expertise we put into development of military arms results in direct benefits for them,” DeMilt said. “They also realize there is a lot of value in handling the FN line. We’re taking away shelf space from a lot of manufacturers with our successful stocking dealer programs and our products. Our dealers are excited about participating with us.”

Dealers can expect, DeMilt said, an additional stream of new-technology designs, promotional programs that put cash directly into dealer’s hands, in-person assistance in dealers’ stores from skilled FNH USA personnel, sales training programs authored by experienced dealers, and a wide variety of visually appealing in-store sales aids to augment FNH USA’s strong national advertising campaign.

These programs are part of a carefully developed plan, according to DeMilt.
“In 2001, we laid out a plan of where we wanted to be in five years. We’ve achieved and exceeded that goal and now we’re on our second phase of our program,” DeMilt said.
The impressive success FNH USA is enjoying didn’t come easy, however.

“There were a lot of key distributors who really didn’t see the value of the FN product and a lot of dealers weren’t ready to buy into it,” DeMilt said. “But as things evolved, and they saw the staying power of this product and the infrastructure we’ve built to support this, people started coming to us who previously had turned us down. That is a great compliment to what my team has achieved.”

FNH Five-SeveN USG (left)
FNH PBR-USA Rifle (middle)
FNH PS90 TR (right)

Dynamite Deals

It was like kicking over a beehive at the SHOT Show when FNH USA launched its 2006 Stocking Dealer Program. Retailers who bought nine firearms, in specific combinations, received a special-edition PS90 Carbine — a $1,900 retail value — free.

Just as the program promised, the deal meant instant cash in the pocket for dealers, who also began receiving all the sales support that comes with being an FNH USA Stocking Dealer.

“We have dealers who say they created a whole section in their stores just to showcase our products,” DeMilt said. “That’s what we like to hear. Any time you have a program that’s wrapped around giving a dealer a unique gun like the PS90 for free, that creates a lot of excitement.”

The company enjoyed similar success with its follow-on 2007 Stocking Dealer Program. Dealers who qualified received a PS90 TR (Triple-Rail) factory-mounted with a mil-spec C-More Systems sight.

“The program translated into hard cash in the dealer’s pocket. The dealers loved it and there’s more coming,” DeMilt said.

DeMilt says the Stocking Dealer Program is more than the guns. Upon becoming an FNH USA Stocking Dealer, a retailer receives $250-$300 in marketing and promotional materials, and FNH USA’s marketing staff is working on programs to further assist dealers. One such aid, already in use, is the “Dealer Deck.”

“It’s a well-prepared features-and-benefits program,” DeMilt said. “Using the ‘Dealer Deck,’ a dealer, in a couple hours can educate his salespeople on the key features of FN products.”
Another program in the works, a video production on effective sales techniques, relies heavily on wisdom gained from successful FNH USA dealers.

“We are investing heavily in training because our technology is different from everybody else, and a dealer needs to be able to tell the story of what FN is doing with the products,” DeMilt said.

Stocking dealers also are listed on FNH USA’s Web site, www.fnhusa.com, so Internet “browsers” can be directed straight to the FNH USA dealer nearest them.

“We’re driving the consumers who are looking for our products directly to the dealers that are supporting us,” DeMilt said.

The company also conducts “FN Dealer Days,” where, working with distributors like AcuSport, skilled sales personnel from FNH USA travel to a dealer’s shop and help demonstrate the FN lineup to customers and assist with sales.

“Dealers tell us that when they have FN Dealer Days, they see more traffic in their store than with any other manufacturer,” DeMilt said. “It goes to the technology the customers are seeing in our products. It just brings a level of excitement that is not there with some of the other product lines, and the dealers and the customers know that.”

Dealers also are benefiting from FNH’s aggressive print ad campaign, which features large-format advertising in virtually all the major shooting magazines, plus favorable test and evaluation reports by widely read gun writers.

FNH USA’s most recent ad campaign features the theme “Built For Them — Built For You.” The “them” are U.S. military personnel using a FN M240 Medium Machine Gun. The “you” section features, in three different ads, the FN FS2000, FN PS90 and the FN FNP. The FN FNP ad also carries a reminder for consumers — and dealers — that the pistol is built in an “American factory.”

“Our facility in Columbia, S.C., which is an ISO 9000 certified manufacturer, is investing huge amounts of money in new machinery, not only to handle the military products, but now they handle the FNH USA product offerings. All the products we make are either from Herstal or Columbia,” DeMilt said. “Remember, too, that 70 percent of U.S. military small arms are made by FN.”

There is plenty of activity at FNH USA’s 2007 SHOT Show booth.

FNH-USA has an aggressive ad campaign.

New For 2008

For 2008, FNH USA introduces the PSR (Precision Shooting Rifle). The three rifles in the line feature a Pre-’64 Model 70-type action.

The PBR (Patrol Bolt Rifle) lineup now includes the PBRUSA Ultra Short Action, chambered for .223 Rem.

Also new is the FNAR Tactical Rifle in .308 and the SLP Tactical Shotgun.
In its carbine line, FNH USA has enhanced the P90 line with the LV Laser Visible models, which are available to law enforcement and military customers only.

The new FN FS 2000 carbines are semiauto-only versions of the FN F2000 Tactical bull pup design.

FNH USA’s Five-seveN is now offered in military Flat Dark Earth and OD Green.
The FNP .45 is “rolling off the production lines.” It’s available in Matte Black Melanite Stainless, Matte Silver Stainless and USG Model Flat Dark Earth.

The FNP pistol is now chambered in .357 SIG, and for 2008, the USG Model is chambered in 9mm and .40 S&W.

Turning Dollars

At FNH USA, DeMilt is determined to get the message out about the company’s ability to “bring product to the marketplace that turns dollars for the dealer.”

“Dealers are in the business to make money and they realize with the FN product, they can invest in a product line that sells. It brings people into the store and translates to cash,” DeMilt said. “Our corporate mission is to expand our leadership position in the defense, law enforcement and associated firearms markets by providing the highest-quality products and the finest in training and logistical support. We don’t want to be the biggest — just the best — and I want people to make money.”

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