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The 17 would probably shoot the March apart. You are also looking at $3+ for illumination. Its a pretty lightly built optic, and if you do have warranty issues.... have fun dealing with a low production/low availability foreign made optic. IMO the 17 is a DMR rifle. 5.56 is an optimal 600yard and in platform. You are just wasting money and making extra noise slinging .308 at close range, along with the weight/recoil penalty. So throwing a LPV or a RDS on a 17 is kind of pointless, unless you like to make lots of noise and waste money. I would look hard at optics in the 2/3-12/18 range. Lots of good ones out there that are lightish (keeping the advantage of the SCAR), reliable/durrable and have quality features. Bushnell LHRS, NF F1 4-16, MK6 3-18, S&B 3-12 or 4-16. The new Razor g2 3-18 is nice as well, but its a pig. The new steiner 3-15 has great features but is having growing pains. With enough practice, you can shoot many of these that have well designed reticles (Bushnell G2H) on 3X with both eyes like an ACOG at close range if needed, while still being able to dial up and use the reticle for holdovers.
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