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No PS90 or Five Seven seen

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Went to the Houston gunshow today and among the many many many guns there were no PS90s or Five Sevens to been seen. Not sure what this means, extremely popular or just hard for vendor to get. I did not even see any PS90 mags for sale.

I did pick this up:


Well of course not this one but one just like it. $580 plus tax. Was not in the market for a Beretta but I really liked the gun. I was going to get a Compact Walther P99 in 9mm but choose the Beretta instead.
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some manufacturers want you to buy "x" number of dollars worth of firearms, fn may have a high number which worries some smaller gun shops because they may not turn over inventory that fast, my gun shop told me they were discontinuing a certain manufacturer (not FNH) because they wanted them to buy $25,000 worth of firearms at one time, this could be a possible reason though i am not sure.
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