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hey folks, im the most recent FNG.

Name's Vic...i own a gun range near cleveland ohio (among 2 other jobs). im a reletivly new PS owner (2-3 months ago or so) but i have been playing around with my FiveseveN for quite some time. ive got a nice assortment of other toys too...

Springfield XD 3" 9mm
Springfield XD 5" .45
S&W 500 10"
S&W 460 2"
Rock River LAR-9
Rock River AR15 rifle
Olympic Arms AR15 pistol
Beretta CX4 9mm
Saiga 12 ga w/tromix conversion
Armalite .50 BMG
...and a bunch of other revolvers that are too boring to list!

i found this place while hunting for new optics for my PS90....and decided to hang out for a bit. so...get ready for my onslaught of stupid questions!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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