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A former naysayer regarding the 5.7 checking in.

When I first saw the PS90 I thought it VERY sexy, but thought the round feeble.

I was and continue to be an AR fan of the highest level. Have many and love them. Carry one for work. But a recent revelation has led me to purchase my first PS90. And it might not be my last.

My wife is cross-eye dominant (right handed, left eye). I've worked and worked on changing her eye dominance so she can shoulder a rifle right-handed and use her right eye...but it ain't working well. She ends up trying to force her left eye into position to use it. I thought, "I need a leftie AR" and started looking at Stag left-hand ARs for her.

Then took my son shooting and found he too is cross dominant (THANKS HONEY!:rolleyes:). Plus he is 8 yrs old.

I thought, "I need an ambidextrous long gun that has little recoil and carries many rounds so I don't have to worry too much about teaching rapid reloads."

That led me back to the 5.7 and the PS90. More research and I've come to understand what the 5.7 is (compact, light recoil, ambidex long gun) and what it isn't (a main line battle rifle...duh!). I was wrong to compare it to the 5.56. I would bristle when others compared my beloved 5.56 AR to the .308 M1A…why? ‘Cause it wasn’t a fair comparison. Gee…what had I been doing regarding the 5.7 comparing it to the 5.56? Oops.

My first PS90 is en route as I type. I am now pretty excited about this weapon and am actively seeking information about the platform. Which is why I am here. If it works out well I may be selling my sons AR (yeah...I'm a nut and built him an ultra light weight AR for his birthday!) and getting him a PS90 as well.

Read some good info thus far and will continue to lurk.



PS. Have already patronized a couple site suporters here for sling and extended rails....ocne I have my PS90 in hand will decide on the REM2...
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