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Now for something different

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I wasn't sure if I wanted to get into AR Pistols but I read awhile back Daniel Defense was coming out with a factory MK18 pistol. I've always liked the MK18 SBR, but have never gone through the process of obtaining one. Now I can shoot this (initially with a Sig brace) while I decide on whether to SBR it or not. Also picked up a 7.5 Spikes pistol just for good measure! Merry Christmas to me!!!:x:x


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:shock:Awesome! looking duo! Somnus Congrats!:?
Very nice, way to do it up. Mary Christmas to you !
Nice double grab! Those will decorate the tree nicely.
Congrats on your pistols!
Nice score man! I encourage you to post a range report on both pistols. Please share your experience with accuracy, concussion, ETC. I am looking into a few platforms like this myself.
I love mk18 porn 8) can't wait to see how you personalize it.
Put a SIG Brace on it and call it a day.
I have the Sig brace. Am looking at this also.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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