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Octane 45 – Case May Damage FDE Coating

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When I received my Octane 45, I was annoyed it already had two chips in the FDE coating which I chalked up to either the manufacturer or vendor handling. However, I thought either would be unlikely – SilencerCo would never ship something with nicks, and Silencer Shop probably didn't even remove it from the box. So what happened? Well, looks like the snap retainer that secures the molle strap to the case is metal on the INSIDE and is likely the culprit. The marks line up perfectly with the metal snap retainer inside.

If you have the same setup and carry the suppressor around in the factory case, you might want to put something between the suppressor and the snap retainer to protect the finish.


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my saker came in a nice molle case like that. but my octane came in some flimsy pouch. was a bit dissapointing
thats the same ****ty case my octane came with! my spectre ii thats in atf prison has the same type of garbage pouch as well
My saker does not have any metal rub marks.

i was refering to the crappy black velcro case for the octane
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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