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Ordered a SCAR Limited Edition Print. Pretty cool.

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Thought I'd share a cool purchase. Tough deciding between the two shown.

Had to go with the first one as it's set up pretty much exactly as I'd want it. Heck, it even has Stryker's EACH on there!

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where did u find the prints?
Sorry, didn't get to respond. Liass44 is correct though.
Did you get your print yet? Im sure there are a few folks that would like to see it!
Sure thing, IKE. I actually just received the print in yesterday's mail. Ordered on the 2nd. Received on the 12th, well packaged. My photo skills aren't the best. Couldn't eliminate the flash glare completely (on the optic and the magazine). The penny at the bottom of the pic is there for size reference. A VERY cool addition to the man cave, once I get it framed. :th_thumbsup:

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