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Post your State's stuff here :?

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Place to shoot

I am always looking for a good place to shoot. There used to be dozens and now it is very difficult to find any. I usually shoot at the Baron's Den at least in the winter time. Have to do some searching this spring. Burn some gas and find a good spot.
I have an FNP .45, but can't afford a SCAR at the moment.

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Got a 17s a couple months ago. Haven't been able to shoot lately, but sometimes go to COSSA in Central Oregon, or find a place on the Clackamas River Highway.

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Oregon concealed handgun licenses: Answers to your questionsCompiled from questions readers submitted to reporter Rick Bella during the course of his research on Oregon concealed handgun licenses. Watch for Bella's full report Tuesday on Oregonlive and Wednesday in The Oregonian.

Question: Do Oregon concealed handgun permits ever expire? How does this compare with other states?
Answer: An Oregon CHL is valid for four years, when it will expire unless renewed. A Washington permit is good for 5 years.
Q: How many CHL applications are actually denied in Oregon? What are the stats on reasons for denial (or at least the broad themes)?
A: The percentage of denials is small – less than 10 percent – mostly for lying on the application about past convictions or mental illness, which turn up in the background checks.
Q: Is there a limit on the number of concealed guns (and/or ammo) a permit-holder can have on their person, or does the law allow the person to carry as much as they desire (e.g. 10 pistols and a backpack full of ammo/clips)?
A: There is no limit on the number of concealed handguns a permit holder can carry.
Q: How often are permits revoked? What are the causes? Who owns subsequent reviews and possible revocation (e.g. only the issuing sheriff, OSP, other)?
A: Permits are revoked if/when a permit holder commits a crime that disqualifies the person from carrying a concealed weapon, such as a felony or domestic violence. Generally, it is ordered by the court, if the judge is made aware of it. The sheriff that issued the permit then revokes it.
Q: Where can't a permit-holder carry a concealed weapon?
A: Any federal building or facility, including courthouses, post offices and Social Security offices; national forests posted against firearms on federal lands; Native American Indian reservations or tribal property (including some casinos) without written permission of the tribal judge; any courtroom, jury room, judge's chambers or areas prohibited by the presiding judge; secured areas of airports. In addition, many private businesses set conditions; violators who refuse to comply could be arrested under Oregon trespass laws.
Q: I am extremely nearsighted, diagnosed as bipolar and drunk most of the time. I have never owned or fired a gun and have no idea how they work exactly. How hard would it be for someone like me to get a concealed handgun license?

A record of institutionalization for mental illness would disqualify you. Same for being a documented, public, problem drunk. You have to take a four-hour class on gun safety and rights/responsibilities under Oregon law to qualify for a permit.
Q: I happen to have a close friend who was diagnosed with bipolar, is on and off his meds, yet has a CHL. So I think you need to check your facts.
A: Either he didn't admit his mental condition when he applied or there was no record of institutionalization that showed up on the background check. Mental illness disqualifies you, if authorities know about it.

If someone knows of a CHL holder who may have possible metal issues or otherwise now be unstable, who can they report this concern to? Can such reporting of a concern be pseudo-anonymous?
A: If you suspect someone with a CHL has mental issues, you can contact the sheriff's office where that person got the permit.
Q: Is there any cross check by respective sheriffs departments to the medical marijuana card-holders? Does this impact a person's ability to get a CHL?
A: The courts have decided that holding a medical marijuana card – by itself – will not disqualify anyone from getting a CHL. If they use marijuana beyond the limits set forth by the card, they can be disqualified.
Q: Why doesn't Oregon have reciprocity with other states? It seems tyrannical to arrest a Washington state CHL holder (background checked, printed, vetted, etc.) because they crossed into Oregon with their weapon concealed.
A: Oregon legislators have been concerned that other states' requirements may not be as rigorous as they are in Oregon. For example, some states – including Washington – don't require applicants to take a handgun safety course or demonstrate knowledge of firearms laws. A 2011 bill that would have recognized concealed handgun licenses from other states passed the Oregon House, but a similar measure died in the Senate.
Q: Why is it that concealed gun permits fall under the purview of each county's sheriff? With sheriffs being elected by county citizenry, isn't it possible that a decision to issue a permit could reflect local beliefs more than objective criteria?
A: The Legislature set it up that way for more local scrutiny. The sheriffs have to follow criteria spelled out in state law.

Oregon concealed handgun licenses: Answers to your questions | OregonLive.com
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