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P 90 Mag Pouch Dbl Belt

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I just order the P 90 Mag Pouch Dbl Belt in black from the vest guy i should have it by Friday or Saturday. I am ordering all my gear for the Zombie shoot on 11/29/08, and I will hopefully be able to get someone to video tape it or take pics to post. Also The Vestguy wanted me to post these links so he can look at these camo patterns, and possibly make some new gear in them here they are.

This one looks hot!!!! I digital Multicam wow

and this one is the 5.11 TDU Digital Woodland Camo

http://www.uspatriotstore.com/images/products/511 digital woodland boonie-large.JPG

http://media.photobucket.com/image/511 digital woodland/hdangeruss/CIMG1671.jpg?o=1

hopefully he is able to get the material to make these new patterns in are favorite types of gear. :?
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Got pictures? :eek:

Yes they did, and no love lost either. I just find it funny, that I can't defend myself when someone was talking crap about me. :roll:

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